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Yad L'Achim Course Prepares Anti-Assimilation Ambassadors for Abroad

Yad L'Achim last month completed its training course for 20 foreign students who will serve as Israel's ambassadors to the Jewish world on the subject of assimilation.
The course, the first of its kind, was offered by a new department set up by Yad L'Achim a few years ago to deal with mixed marriage. It operates alongside the organization's counter-assimilation department, which works with Jewish girls living in Arab villages.
Photo credit: Yad L'Achim The extraordinary circumcision.

Mother Brings Son to Bris Milah, Two Months After Escaping Arab Village

Every Bris Milah is emotional, but this one didn't leave a dry eye in the house. The child, who was named Eli-Or, is the son of G., a Jewish woman who until recently was living with an abusive Arab husband in the village of Kara. After 10 years of living as a Muslim, she succeeded, with Yad L'Achim's help, in escaping the village with her daughters.
To touch the stones of the Kosel: Two of A.'s children at the Western Wall last week. (Photo Credit:

To Touch the Stones of the Kosel for the First time

A., a 36-year-old Jewish woman, spent 18 years in an Arab village in southern Israel together with her Arab husband. They'd met at a food factory where they both worked. After moving to his village they had six children.

Around six years ago, a childhood friend of A. reached out to her out of the blue, after more than a decade of no contact. A. revealed that she wasn't happy and wanted to leave her husband and the village. A few days later, the phone line in A.'s house went dead. It turns out that her husband had learned about the phone call and disconnected the line. He also punished her with violence.
Huge Tefillah Rally Leads to Cancellation of Major Missionary Event in Rishon LeZion

Huge Tefillah Rally Leads to Cancellation of Major Missionary Event in Rishon LeZion

Thousands of residents of Rishon LeZion, representing all sectors, participated in a Tefillah rally Shabbos morning to protest against the holding of a mass missionary event in the city.
The smoking gun. The picture that led to the filing of a police complaint.

Alert Modiin Man Documents Missionary Activity, Leading to Filing of Police Complaint

An alert Modiin resident who snapped a picture of missionaries soliciting a child and sent it to Yad L'Achim played a key role in getting a police complaint filed against the missionaries.
The missionary material distributed in Petach Tikvah

Yad L'Achim Battles Missionaries in Petach Tikvah

Missionaries recently distributed thousands of flyers in mailboxes throughout Petach Tikvah, in the center of Israel. Outraged residents called Yad L'Achim which quickly dispatched activists to the area to expose the missionaries and distribute their own material to counter them.
Two hours of intense Torah learning. The survivors learn one-on-one with yeshivah students.

Survivors Team up with Yeshivah Students for Evening of Torah Study

Dozens of survivors who, with Yad L'Achim's help, have left missionary cults and are returning to traditional Judaism, gathered last Wednesday for a special evening of Torah study.
J's Witness missionaries proceed to their next target.

J's Witnesses Strike Again in Door-to-Door Campaign

J's Witnesses are conducting an Israel-wide campaign, knocking on doors and asking homeowners to allow them in for a discussion on "the meaning of life."
Yad L'Achim activist Rabbi Yoav Zeev Robinson

The Rabbis' Pictures That Stopped an Intermarriage

Yad L'Achim's counter-assimilation department, which has traditionally focused its efforts on Jewish women involved with non-Jewish men, has recently begun working with Jewish men contemplating marrying out.
Missionaries Ordered Severe Beating of Yad L'Achim Activists

Missionaries Ordered Severe Beating of Yad L'Achim Activists

Yad L'Achim has filed a police complaint charging aggravated assault against missionaries in Jerusalem who ordered the brutal attack of some of its activists.
The logo of the Smith Institute

Survey: 90 Percent of Jews in Israel Oppose Intermarriage

A survey conducted by the Smith Institute on behalf of Yad L'Achim shows that more than 90 percent of the Jewish public in Israel staunchly opposes intermarriage between their son or daughter and a Muslim.
The survey, released last week, also shows that among the secular public in Israel some 20 percent are personally familiar with couples who have intermarried, compared to 12 percent in the religious-chareidi sector.
Missionaries 'Steal' Official Jerusalem Logo, Again

Missionaries 'Steal' Official Jerusalem Logo, Again

Jerusalem residents were outraged to discover that flyers being distributed on the streets of the capital by missionaries bore the official seal of the City of Jerusalem. They notified Yad L'Achim, which immediately turned to the municipality with a demand that legal action be taken to get the practice halted.
Bibles to which the page with references to the "new testament" were attached.

Yad L'Achim Calls for Probe of Missionaries Who Infiltrated Security Conference

An attorney for Yad L'Achim, Moshe Morgenstern, sent an urgent letter to the justice minister and attorney general this week demanding an investigation into illegal missionary activity at a recent conference held for security officers of the Eshkol regional council.
Yad L'Achim Praises Vatican Decision on Jews, But Says it Won't Influence Most Missionaries

Yad L'Achim Praises Vatican Decision on Jews, But Says it Won't Influence Most Missionaries

In a welcome development, the Vatican last week issued an official document stating that Catholics should not undertake organized efforts to convert Jews.
The conference will be held in the Pavilion Hall. The invitation from the Education Ministry's Jerus

Shock: Education Ministry Holds Conference in Missionary Church

School principals in the Jerusalem District were shocked to learn that an official Education Ministry ceremony held this Tuesday to distribute citations of merit was held at a missionary center in the heart of the capital.
Light vs darkness: Mechapsim of Yad L'Achim vs. Motz'im of the missionaries.

Missionaries Under Pressure: Yad L'Achim Attending all our Meetings

An internal memorandum released last week by the Kehillat Haderech missionary congregation in Karmiel proves that Yad LAchim's counter-missionary campaign is working.
No Shame: Missionaries Using Security Situation to Proselytize

No Shame: Missionaries Using Security Situation to Proselytize

The missionaries are taking cynical advantage of the terror wave in Israel to prey on innocent Jews.
Yad L'Achim has received dozens of calls from residents reporting missionaries circulating in city centers and using the security situation to draw passersby into discussions about their fears. These quickly led to conversations on matters of faith and the distribution of missionary material, with assurances following in its ways will lead to quiet on the country's streets.
Missionaries Strike Again: Campaigns Targets Israel's South

Missionaries Strike Again: Campaigns Targets Israel's South

Jews for J. have launched a massive missionary campaign throughout Israel's south, appearing at major intersections with banners bearing Christian messages aimed at converting Jews.

Terrorists' Pictures Convince Jewish Woman to Sever Ties with Arab Suitor

Two Arab women who posted pictures of terrorists on their Facebook page, together with words of praise for their deeds, inadvertently convinced a Jewish girl to end her relationship with an Arab man.
From the outside, it appears to be a volume of Tehillim. But in reality…

Tel Aviv: Missionaries Distribute 'Tehillim' with Christian Teachings

Outraged pedestrians in Tel Aviv phoned the Yad L'Achim hotline last week to report that missionaries were distributing innocent-looking "Tehillim" volumes that contained Christian teachings.
Consensus Among Leftist 'Young Guard': No to Intermarriage

Consensus Among Leftist 'Young Guard': No to Intermarriage

They were once the up-and-coming leaders of Israel's Labor Party. An articulate, photogenic cadre of young politicians who saw themselves as the best and the brightest, the natural successors to Yitzchak Rabin, Shimon Peres and the rest of the party's "old guard."

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