Wife of Deputy Foreign Minister a Spokesperson for Christianity?

Disturbing reports have emerged that the wife of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon uses her status to spread the word of J. among Jewish and international dignitaries around the world.


In an interview with a missionary broadcasting network, obtained by Yad L'Achim, Ayalon hails as "good news" the fact that "eighty percent of J.'s ministry is up in the Galilee. You walk there and you just feel god's love!"


An excerpt from the Charles Carrin Ministries describes a banquet in Washington attended by Anne Ayalon when her husband was Israel's ambassador to the United States:


"I was … astounded that Anne Ayalon used the banquet occasion to share her testimony about J. She is a born-again believer. Speaking before high-ranking Jewish delegates, Washington’s media-reporters, and other international figures, she told of her love for J. ... I sat there astonished."


Yad L'Achim revealed this week that Ayalon also appears in a missionary film on the topic: Our Single Purpose – Saving Souls Through Our Beliefs.

Yad L'Achim Chairman Rabbi Sholom Dov Lipshitz sent an urgent letter to the prime minister, foreign minister and state comptroller informing them of the seriousness of the matter. He stressed that "the very fact that the wife of a person who occupies such a senior position asserts Christian beliefs publicly and isn't ashamed of her actions is likely to bring the missionaries additional motivation and legitimacy, and the results could be disastrous."


Rav Lipshitz added that "only an amendment to the missionary law that puts the brakes on missionary activities in Israel will correct the matter. It is crucial that the religious parties throw their weight behind such legislation."



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