Missionary activities

Arad Court Imposes Restraining Order Against Violent Missionary

Violence perpetrated by missionaries in Arad spun out of control, when the city’s Chief Rabbi, Harav Ben Zion Lipsker, was brutally attacked by a missionary near the city market.

Missionaries Dialing Bnei Brak Homes


Court Overturns Injunction Against Beersheva Chief Rabbi

Missionary dressed as chareidi sofer sought court’s protection from Rav

A First: Bris on a Bus

The mohel was shocked to find a family living in a bus, and the rest of Israel was shocked at something Yad L’Achim has long known: the extent of poverty among immigrants

Missionary Ship Hits Choppy Yad L’Achim Waters

Evidence unearthed by Yad L’Achim has led Jewish communities in Ukraine to sever ties with a Christian group that brings immigrants to Israel

Home’ Is Where the Missionaries Reign

A villa in Jerusalem was being used to lure mixed-up youngsters from religious homes into the hands of messianic cults – until the plan was discovered and foiled by Yad L’Achim investigators

Yad L'Achim Warns Against Kibbutz Cult Kindergartens

Anti-missionary organization Yad L'Achim this week will issue thousands of booklets to parents warning against signing up their children in kindergartens and nursery schools around the country using "Waldorf" teaching system, which is actually a part of a cult called Anthroposophy.

Arad Residents Rally Against Missionary Coffee Shop

Yad L’achim vows to use all legal means to stop them

Karmiel Deputy Mayor: ‘Israel Leaving Care for Immigrants to Missionaries’

More than 500 families are being cared for by missionary groups

No Immunity From Missionaries

Yad L’Achim has discovered a shocking new phenomenon: missionaries infiltrating chareidi schools
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