How Does the Department Work?

The first step is to do an assessment of how serious the relationship is, the level of danger the woman and her children (when relevant) face, the logistics of a rescue operation and the need for a “safe” house to enable the woman to rehabilitate herself.

In many instances, Yad L’Achim’s activists literally risk their lives to rescue the women from hostile villages. These operations are organized and run by veterans of elite IDF combat units and require careful planning.

Yad L’Achim’s activists remain in touch with the women even after the relationship with the non-Jew has been severed - sometimes for years. They see to it that the women get counseling and professional advice and that they have everything they need to make a fresh start in a Jewish community.

The department also arranges for legal assistance to deal with such issues as child custody. In rare cases, when there is no other way to protect the woman, Yad L’Achim will fly her abroad, covering all of her expenses, including transportation and lodging.

- Who Is Vulnerable?

- Some Things Worth Knowing

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