Rav Abuchatzeira Utters Heartfelt Prayers for Thousands in Need of Shidduch

Rav Abuchatzeira Utters Heartfelt Prayers for Thousands in Need of Shidduch

Tu B'Av event at Amuka exceeded all expectation


It was a very special moment, at a very special place.
Harav Yechiel Abuchatzeira, scion to a family of kabbalists, on Monday came to Amuka, to the tziyun of the tanna Reb Yochanan ben Uziel, to plead for thousands of single men and women seeking Divine assistance in finding their mates, their partners in building Jewish homes.
On this auspicious day – "there were no better days for Israel than the 15th of Av" – Harav Yechiel Abuchatzeira came to Amuka with a minyan of talmidei chachamim sent by Yad L'Achim. In their hands were the names of thousands of people from around the world, phoned into Yad L'Achim's hotline until the moment before the final deadline.
At the start of the event, which was imbued with an air of holiness and reverence, the Rav davened mincha. After all, it says that "Eliahu was answered only at mincha." Afterwards, he began to recite the seder hatikkun, together with the talmidei chachamim and the large crowd that had gathered.
The Rav slipped an ancient shofar out of its case. The shofar, some 150 years old, was an inheritance from his grandfather, the admor Rabi Massoud Abuchatzeira, the father of the kedoshim, the Baba Sali and the Babi Chaki –Rav Yechiel's father.
The Rav explained that he would blow the shofar and asked the assembled have kavana that the prayers they would soon offer on behalf of men and women in need of a shidduch would be answered quickly. He then blew the shofar, joined by several others who had brought shofaros with them.
The admor then ascended the roof of the holy tziyum and circled it seven times, as he held in his hands the names of thousands who had donated to the mitzvah of pidyon shuvyim. He read out chapters of Tehilim and again blew the shofar, followed by recitation of the moving Ana BeKo'ach prayer.
He then entered the tziyun and after spending long minutes lighting candles, he and the minyan of talmidei chachamim began reading the names of those in need of shidduchim, carefully enunciating each name, in their heartfelt plea on behalf of each and every petitioner.
At the conclusion of the tefillah, Rav Abuchatzeira said: "Let it be His Will that our tefillot are accepted before the Holy Throne and the donors whose names we read now will merit mercy and salvation and to quickly establish a bayit neeman beYisrael, among all of Klal Yisrael in need of a yeshuah."
Yad L'Achim expressed its gratitude to the many donors, noting that they had become true partners in the mitzvah of pidyon shuvyim, of which the Rambam writes: "There is no greater mitzvah than this."
The donations will help save Jewish girls from intermarriage and assimilation. In the merit of this great mitzvah, may the donors be blessed will all that is good and have all their wishes fulfilled.




Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira beseeches the A-mighty on Tu B'av at Amuka

on behalf of donors to Yad L'Achim




The admor blows a 150-year-old shofar that was passed down through generations

of the holy Abuchatzeira family



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