Yeshivot La'am





Literally "Yeshivot for the nation", this project spanned many years of volunteer activity organized by Yad L'achim.

Over the years, hundreds of Yeshiva Bachurim joined "Yeshivot La'am" during the official vacations from Yeshiva, and went out to villages and towns to learn with the youngsters there, talk to them, give them a chance to learn Torah and enroll in Torah schools suited to their needs and levels.

Yad L'achim provided a tremendous opportunity both to Yeshiva Bochurim who wanted to reach out and give, and needed the organized framework to do so, and to the parents and children in towns and villages who wanted more Torah education.

Many mature Torah students today, still reminisce about the times they gave up their vacations to volunteer and bring Torah to others, and certainly many, many children have grown up with more Torah in their lives, thanks to "Yeshivot La'am"

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