"Tefilat Achim"

In the years 1973-74, a mass-aliyah numbering tens of thousands of Georgian Jews came to the shores of Eretz Yisrael. This aliyah was confronted with many struggles, both spiritual and physical.
Yad L'achim stepped into this precarious situation, and saw to the needs of these Olim, especially by setting up institutions and schools of the kind they were accustomed to in Georgia, founded synagogues according to their tradition, and trained scholars "Chachamim".
Yad L'achim supported Georgian "Chachamim" so that they would be able to see maintain the spiritual level of this ethnic group at an appropriate level.
Among other efforts, Yad L'achim preserved the only Georgian typewriter in the country! The accompanying picture portrays Georgian Jews rejoicing with the publication of the Siddur "Tefilat Achim" with Chacham Moshe Ha'Katan (Rabbi Moshe Dabrashvilli), spiritual leader of Georgian Jews in Israel. (Next article will feature pictures of other publications in Georgian , by Yad L'achim.)

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