The Early Days

It is over 60 years that Yad L'achim has been spearheading the struggle and the endeavors to protect the settlement of Jews loyal to their faith, in Eretz Hakodesh.

Yad L'achim was the organization that raised the banner of saving Jewish souls during the last several decades. From the first days of Aliya (waves of immigration) till today.

This section is here to recount for coming generations, all the initiatives of Yad L'achim, as it withstood great hardships: against the tough and ill-meaning governing forces; against fear that gripped many sectors of the population, and on the other hand, apathy to the dangerous forces of evil operating in the country.

It is Yad L'achim who initiated activity on many different fronts – warning the public, and striving to work and save precious Jewish souls. Their endeavors were blessed with success, and the activists have managed to save thousands of Jewish souls, and bring them close to their Creator.

In order for you to get a "taste", and learn about Yad L'achim's activities over the past several decades, we will bring here a weekly glimpse in the form of a photograph or a historical document which will tell one of the many stories; a flicker of the great torch of activity which illuminated Jewish life over the past tens of years.

Reaching out to Romanian Immigrants

On 7 Adar Bet, 5719 (March 7, 1959), Yad L'Achim organized a gathering for children of Romanian immigrants in the Great Synagogue in Bnei Brak. Pictured is Harav Naftali Halpert, himself an immigrant from Romania, explaining to the children the importance of learning Torah.

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