Greetings from the Chairman

 Yad L’Achim was founded more than 50 years ago in the belief that the Jewish people cannot afford to give up on even a single Jew. Every Jew is a scion of the fathers of our nation, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
This belief has spurred Yad L’Achim to engage in a wide range of activities aimed at protecting Jews from missionaries and other spiritual threats and at bringing out the soul that sparkles inside each of us. These activities include leading the battle against missionaries, who are extremely active in Israel; rescuing Jewish girls trapped in relationships with Arab men; and assisting immigrants in economic distress with their physical and spiritual absorption and helping them find suitable Torah schools for their children.
Yad L’Achim is constantly evolving to meet new threats, but this web site will focus on two main areas of concern:
assimilation and missionaries.
To our great sorrow, the phenomenon of Jewish girls getting involved with Arabs has reached startling proportions. At the same time, missionaries, who receive massive funding from abroad, are reaching out to Jews of all ages, veteran Israelis and new immigrants alike, throughout the country.
The missionaries are devious. Recently, they launched a campaign ostensibly aimed at raising support and funds for Israel. Its real aim, however, was to get Jews to convert to Christianity.
I’m sure you’ll find the information presented here to be eye-opening. It’s important that you not only become aware, but that you get involved. We must all raise our voices to demand legislation that puts an end to missionary activity and assimilation in Israel! Jewish girls are not free for the taking and must not become enslaved to Arab men.
Yad L’Achim is ready to come to the assistance of any Jew who has lost his way spiritually or is in danger of being cut off from the Jewish people.
Furthermore, Yad L’Achim would be happy to expand the circle of activists who can either join us in these soul-saving efforts or contribute so that this vital rescue work can continue.

   Harav Shalom Dov Lifshitz
    Founding Chairman

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